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Efe GI Upper Compression Bandage

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Efe - compression

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Efe GI Upper Compression Bandage

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Efe - compression

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Dr. med. Fevzi Cebe

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The Dr. Cebe Medical Efe Upper GI Compression Bandage exercises through its special construction constant pressure on the epigastrium.

In the otherwise evacuated abdominal cavity it comes to compression of the upper abdomen only intraluminal air present inside the stomach.

„Efe" thus continuously reduces the stomach volume and thus supports the reduction of the feeling of hunger.

By wearing this specially constructed elastic bandage "Efe", the Meals are smaller and the feeling of fullness becomes faster reached.


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The Efe compression bandage reduces the feeling of hunger with little effort and thus protects against the risk of a possible future operation in the progressive disease of obesity.


Just put it on, just reduce weight. Without drug side effects and without surgery for stomach reduction.


The Efe compression bandage is for 370, - Euro recommended retail price) in selected medical supply stores andhereavailable online from us.

What our customers say

Savior in need, clear purchase recommendation

"Savior in need, clear purchase recommendation. My weight loss process started in January 2019 after my husband told me about intermittent fasting and my son told me that I had such a nice big fat belly. Intermittent fasting sounded very interesting, but it was difficult to implement because I was often very hungry during the 16 hour fasting period. In addition, my feeling of satiety comes so late that I can already "shovel into" tons. Then I saw the television report about the "outer gastric bandage" (the efe compression bandage) as it was described at the time. Since I've been struggling with the subject of obesity, a lack of satiety, etc. all my life, I saw a last glimmer of hope in this. And my hope should not be disappointed. After a short time I got used to the bandage. I mean, I only used the bandage until noon during Lent. The air is pushed out of the stomach and you notice that the hunger is decreasing. Even when eating, you actually feel a feeling of fullness much earlier. Of course you have to listen to your stomach and finish the meal, which was not so easy for me. In short, buying the bandage was my best decision !!!! Without the bandage, I would not have successfully got through my weight loss process. In the meantime, December and I have lost 33 kg thanks to the tremendous help with the bandage. Of course, it was not possible without daily exercise and a clearly reduced calorie diet. As a woman (42 years old) with hypothyroidism, I unfortunately did not lose weight as quickly as my male colleagues (see other reviews). I still use the bandage every day to stabilize my weight as part of intermittent fasting. The bandage was and is a huge help / support for me, my savior in an emergency. I can recommend the efe-compressions bandage with a clear conscience. A big thank you goes to Mr. Dr. Cebe. A little tip at the end: It is best to start with the bandage now in winter. Of course you don't like to wear the belt on hot days."
Stefanie L. 01-Jan-2020

22 kilo down

"I am 110kilo and after 8 weeks I lost 22kilo without having to starve. Sensational invention hardly to believe but true the bandage, Doctor, please keep it up because it has changed my life for the better."
Taufik Kas. 04-Apr-2020

Great experience

"Great experience, in 4 weeks I lost 19 kg without starving and it went on "
Olli The Boss 01-Jun-2020

Thank you for your help

"Thank you for your help "
Pino Galanti 28-Nov-2020

5 Stars

"5 stars for this wonderful product"
Wilhelmus Pipelapup 12-Aug-2020

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